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Ain Kim / Pixnopticon

Ain is interested in design thinking and metacognition.

Clara Searle / Close Friends

Clara is a Gibraltarian and Guyanese illustrator and researcher with an academic background in fashion illustration and book publishing. Her research interests focus around material culture, paratextual theory, and representation of gender and race. She also has experience in freelance editing, journalism and archiving.

Il Sun Moon / Transformative Gestures

Moon is multidisciplinary video artist and researcher. Her current project focuses on the digital materiality in/outside of the frames that claimed by projectors’ light or devices in the experimental and structural cinema context. It aims expansion of the moving image to the the exhibitionary space by contextualising spatial volume of the frame and artistic gesture.

June Huebner / Mundane Futures

June is a Thai-German interdisciplinary artist and researcher. With a background in Graphic Design, she mainly works with illustrative practices and typography. Her research interests are in the formation of knowledge and understanding philosophical principles through auto-ethnographic and reflexive lenses.

Laia Miret / The Sky is Reachable Because I Can’t Fly

Laia Miret is an art director and a mixed-media artist. Her professional practice has always been linked to the study of digital image. Her research explores the relationship between accelerationist theories and the digitally processed images of fading planes, aiming to address the visual saturation in our current paradigm.

Melissa Lu / Universally Personal Icons

Melissa is a Taiwanese-Australian multidisciplinary designer and researcher. She has experience with interaction, motion graphics, and print + production design. Her research interests are in design history and typographic principles. She is currently focusing through the lens of imperfection and its impact on contemporary aesthetics.

Ming Ling / A Concert at Home : When Gigs Go Digital

Ming is a Chinese illustrator and metalhead researcher who actively engages in the worldwide metal music scene. Her current practices revolve around heavy music illustration design, feminism topic and music subcultural research, which are mostly inspired by and reflect on the music cultural phenomenons.

Parinda Sakdanaraseth / The Last Goodbye Club

Parinda is an illustrator, UI/UX designer and design researcher based in London. Her current research takes an interest in culture, tradition and ritual on how we can shape and change it into better direction in environmental, technological or even spiritual aspects.

Roxanne Bottomley / Dear Disconnected Designers,

Roxanne is a Designer and Educator interested in social deign, community projects and feminism. Her design practice focuses on branding, design for print and letterpress printmaking. Her current research hopes to build the football fan culture around Burnley F.C. Women's through community workshops and co-creative methods.

Xiaojuan Pang / The Market Place 2020

Xiaojuan is a Chinese designer, illustrator and researcher. Her current research takes food as a metonym for culture, and investigates the way it generates depictions, insights and reflections about the history and current social state of a place.

Yuzhen Cai / 10 Grand SOUVENIR

Yuzhen is a Chinese illustrator, animator and researcher based in London. Her design practice is informed by screenprinting process, and her research investigates community-based storytelling and visualising.

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