After years of degeneration, humans cannot do a large amount of exercise anymore. I was out of breath when I finally made it to the front of the tower. The front door was firmly locked. It became rather rusty after a century out in the wild. I kicked hard at the door and it collapsed. The inside was very dark. I vaguely saw a spiral staircase that extended deep underground. Turning on my torch, and taking a deep breath, I walked towards the darkness.

The air underneath was fresh and dry. After a while, I could hear roaring sounds of machines echoing from the underworld and I saw a faint green light. When I moved closer, I found a small door at the bottom of the staircase that only allows one person to pass through at a time. I tried hard to hold in my exhilaration and opened the door.

The sudden green light shocked me, and I couldn't see anything. When I got used to it, I froze rigidly in front of this spectacular scene:

Rows of giant machines stood like a prehistoric jungle, with cables lined up to the peaks that could not be seen. Green lights blinked like fireflies quietly resting on cables. Roaring sounds erupted like spring thunderstorms that made me forget where I was.

Isn’t it beautiful...”, I murmured as if they were listening.