The currency in Cocoon is called the SOUVENIR. It is non-physical, untouchable, rendered in data. With SOUVENIRs, you can buy the most popular ephemeral objects such as a phone card, a telegram letter or even a Pink Floyd album. After the completion of your purchase, you are transmitted to the time and space of the object that once existed. For example, if you buy a phone card launched by British Telecom in 1997 for the handover of Hong Kong, you will find yourself amidst the blinking neon lights of Tsim Sha Tsui that year. You can even try out the bizarre telephone booth and talk to strangers of that time. Of course, you cannot stay there forever, but if you wish, you could spend more SOUVENIRs for a longer experience.


1. Are the representative currency of ephemeral objects, and have no intrinsic value

2. Act as a medium of exchange with stores of value

3. Are contextualised in digital space and digital relations

4. Reflect how value is imbued in ephemeral products when the use-value is diluted

5. Are built on common appeal for fabricating human inheritance