Scene 4:
The Secret

01 June 2120

Nobody questions who generates SOUVENIRs, like nobody knows who controls the Cocoon. We were born to be indulged in memories, connected by the networks and isolated physically.

But to tell you a secret, I probably have discovered the essence of SOUVENIRs!  While rendering documents today, I accidentally found an old-fashioned coded map that marks the central generator of SOUVENIRs. The generator is located on Earth, surprisingly. Perhaps humans have been so used to the virtual world in the Cocoon that the biggest secret existing in the physical world is yet to be revealed. I carefully read through the map and memorised the location, it is not far away from my dark cubicle. I must find it!

I lied to the bank officer that I’m somehow overwhelmed these days and need to take 24 hours off.