Scene 5:
Over the Ground

02 June 2120

After waking up from the Cocoon, I sat for a while to get used to the dim light in my cubicle on Earth. Then I clumsily put on the protective suit -- humans can no longer breathe the air above ground. After getting ready, I opened a door that had been closed for more than twenty years and entered the elevator. It took me a long time to get to the ground and I had to squint to see in the dazzling sunlight as soon as I stepped outside.

The world outside is very different from what I have learned from screens. It is nothing like deserts or cement wreckage. Rather, everything is green. The dense foliage covers the sky with unknown vines. Far above the woods, there stands a tall building, I almost immediately recognised it -- it was the telecommunication tower. I read about it in year six and still remember its slender and pointy design. If my memory is correct, right beneath the tower quietly lies the secret of SOUVENIRs that has been buried for decades.