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Recorded Information Services, 1936, Speaking Clock, © BT Archives


In the year 2030, ten years after the COVID-19 outbreak, the pandemic had disrupted and affected every aspect of our life, even though the pandemic had already ended. We had become used to social distancing and isolation; we work or study from home more as the technology and tools allow us to do so more easily; all IT equipment such as computers, mobile phones, and VR kits are easily accessible, even given for free for children to learn from home with full experiences almost identical to those of a physical class; and physical contact and long distance travel are reserved for special occasions only. Every physical concept seems to have been reinvented, including that of rituals. Digital ritual services increased in popularity after the pandemic forced us to hold more digital rituals, and once organisations and companies started to integrate the technology to create a fuller experience, like the education could give. Funerals were also one of the services inevitable for the change…

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